Take Care Of Your Mind, Body and Spirit



Anyone Can Lose Weight! Yes Anyone! The New Year's Resolutions are coming very soon and the number one resolution is to lose weight. In the title I said "Anyone Can Lose Weight" and this is very accurate. The real accomplishment isn't the weight loss, it's the behavioral change to maintain the weight loss and not … Continue reading ANYONE CAN LOSE WEIGHT!

Holiday Blues

This time of year it's all too common to find people that are depressed. The reasons can range from loss of a loved one or loss of a job. Even feeling alone and having no money. How do you change these behaviors to a positive? This is a question that I get asked often. For … Continue reading Holiday Blues


Everyday I here and see people saying I want abs. Great goal for sure but what each of these people fail to understand is to have visible abs you must learn how to cook and eat clean. Exercise will strengthen the abs and burn fat, but it will not give you visible abs on its … Continue reading I WANT ABS!


Ever wonder why only 10% of the people you see in the gym are making great progress? It's because they are not in their heads sabotaging everything in their lives.   What are they not doing? They are not competing with anyone but themselves They are not drinking alcohol to excess multiple times a week … Continue reading STOP EVERYTHING!