Guys you might have a problem if you can check off the 5 or more of these:

  1. Get out of breath tying your shoes because your stomach gets in the way.
  2. Can’t see Sir Willie without a mirror.
  3. Have to sit down to put on your pants.
  4. Can’t climb a set of stairs without getting out of breath.
  5. Can’t touch your toes.
  6. Pass gas all the time.
  7. Feel sluggish without caffeine.
  8. Drink alcohol every day.
  9. Don’t eat 3 balanced meals a day.
  10. Can’t maintain or get an erection

Every single one on this list can be solved with proper nutrition and exercise.

Example 1: If you can’t tie your shoes without getting out of breath it’s because your stomach is pressing on your lungs causing you to not be able to take a breath. This typically is an indication that you are 20+ pounds overweight.


Example 2: If you are constantly passing gas your nutrition intake is off and you are consuming too many processed foods and/or carbonated drinks.


Example 3: If you can’t maintain or get an erection this is a direct link to poor blood flow and diet. Yes exercise and a clean diet can help you.


Exercising daily will help you to solve almost every problem listed above. Guys plain and simple get off your ass and improve your lives. I don’t care if you ride a bike, lift weights, swim or do yoga. Just move for 30-45 minutes total everyday period. Don’t give the lame lazy excuse that you don’t have time, because you do!


Eating clean daily is also another easy thing to do. Seriously how hard is it to take 60 minutes on a Sunday and prep your food for the week? The Paleo diet is an easy to follow plan, plus it’s just protein, veggies and fruits. How hard is that?!

Guys take care of your health before it becomes a major problem!